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Among the Worst Phrases in the English Language

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

dog on road trip

Among one of the worst phrases in the English language is the phrase, “The course has been taken”.  While that phrase may serve us well and give us comfort after a rocket has been launched or in the middle of a haircut, in situations where there is still the option of turning back or changing courses, we probably should seriously consider doing so. Never being one to hesitate changing my mind about anything, we have changed our course. After going up the amazingly beautiful Pacific Coast, stopping at Hobson State Beach in Seacliff, CA and having supper in the quaint beachside town of Carpentaria, we were going to head up to Seatte.  However:  news flash – hotel rooms have

skyrocketed in price since our last road trip two years ago (almost double) and we decided tenting in Big Bear might be the answer. (more about finding a campsite in Big Bear in the next blog).

So the lesson of this blog is simply: instead of deciding that the “course has been taken” and you have to stoically stick to it, consider instead the Chinese proverb: “He who continues to travelon the wrong road, is truly unwise.” (or something like that). See you next posting.

Billie in Big Bear

Billie in Big Bear

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