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Interview Tour: 2018 Summer Road Trip

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

The interview below took place last year on June 6th and is a sneak preview of what’s to come this summer in our interview section of the “Left Hander Writer’s” blog.  This year’s road trip is starting TODAY, July 3, 2018, and it has a focus – an actual focus!  This year I’ll be interviewing people we meet along the way on Mike’s Great West Coast Pool Hall Adventure.  Mike is an avid billiard player and this has been a dream of his for a long time.  At 70 years old, it’s time to make dreams come true.  Mike plans to shoot pool in halls up and down the coast and rate the pool halls on his own website.  Of course, being part of the grouping abstract random thinkers, you can be certain that our interviews will be varied.  Maybe we’ll even find a left-handed, pool shooting writer along our path.  So stay tuned, we’ll be on our way as soon as we stop at Firestone to get some tires for our packed-up car, and we’ll catch you in Ventura next posting.  Watch for us on the 101 in our little silver Prius with the sign “,” and wave as you pass by! 

Meanwhile here’s a taste of what’s to come:


I don’t think Mike ever has any expectations when entering a new bar to shoot pool.  He just wants a beer and a chance to knock around some balls.  But usually, after a time, someone will lay down a quarter which I’ve come to understand is a desire to play a game or two with him.  And always I’m impressed by the young people who do.

Nate (left) Sam (pool cue)

Nate and Sam

This night was no exception.  Two young handsome 30 year-olds were waiting for a table and watching Mike. I love it when there are two people who have come together.  That way Mike gets to shoot pool with one– and I get to talk to the other one who is waiting to play the winner. Sometimes the guy who’s waiting just wants to watch without talking, and other times he (or sometimes she) is sweet enough and polite enough to indulge a chatty woman who has to dye her gray hair brown every few weeks. Nate was one of those open-minded, open-hearted kinds of guys. He started our conversation by telling me how he could see that Mike knew what he was doing.  “You just know from the way a player holds the cue and how he moves around the table.” I think Nate knew that would make me proud. As we talked I found out that his partner, Sam, who was playing Mike was going to be married in a few weeks to a school psychologist (my favorite kind of person, having seen … Read more…

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