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It’s Fun to Answer a “Why”

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

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Does it seem like lately there are a lot of “why’s” in your life hanging about in unanswered suspension?  Finding answers to the littler “why’s” you encounter can give you a sense of unity and connection to it all. I know exactly why, out of all the booth’s at the farmer’s market in Chehalis, WA (pronounced Shuh hay lis) we stopped at the Lavender booth yesterday. It was all because of Greta Boris. Greta is my friend from OC Writers Group, and I had just read an intriguing posting on her blog. Greta Boris is in the process of writing a series of seven, yes SEVEN mystery novels based on each of the deadly sins. In Book 3, The Scent of Wrath, the weapon of choice is going to be some method of poisoning, so Greta consulted her friend and, fellow writer, herbal expert, Michelle Marchand to explain characteristics of essential oils. The post was fascinating, touching on the ancient history of the use of scented oils and discussing how aromas activate the limbic system of the brain.

So I was primed when we walked into the farmer’s market in Chehalis on Tuesday to be instantly attracted to the Lavendar booth. Kerry and Diana Laswell are owners South Meadow Farm in Centralia, WA and create some of the most beautiful products with their herbs that I’ve seen. As we chatted, Kerry showed me pictures of his farm.  He mentioned that he had been a chef and one of the wreaths they sell is a “culinary wreath” that has herbs used in cooking. When I told Kerry about my blog, he offered a recipe for a herb provence’ (accent on the second syllable) for my readers: Being more of a TV dinner kind of cook myself, I had to ask Kerry the meaning of this word.  From his explanation, apparently provence’ is a mixture of spices to be used in various dishes. The ratio of Kerry’s favorite mixture is as follows:

  1. 2 parts oregano

  2. 1 part Thyme

  3. 4 parts Basil

  4. ½ part Lavender

I purchased a beautiful scented wall decoration, and now wish I had bought 5! It is created, I believe from an embroidery hoop and lavender, rose petals, and various other herbs are placed between some “wedding veil” netting. We had put the package in the trunk of our hatchback and when we entered the car again, the fragrance was wonderful. So if you’re ever in Chehalis on a Tuesday afternoon or in Cortland on a Friday or Saturday, stop by Kerry’s. So here’s to Greta Boris’ blog and to Kerry Laswell and “how way leads on to way!”*. Remember if you can’t answer the big “why’s”of the world, answering the little “why’s,”solving the small puzzles of your life, seeing the tiny connections that guide our journeys is fun and satisfying.

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