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The Toasted Owl – Flagstaff

Updated: Sep 7, 2020


dog on road trip

I don’t often blog about food, but when the “Smashed Avocado Toast” that I ordered came, I had to take a picture of it and our beautiful waitress named Aspen. When I asked about her name, she told me she’s lucky that her father didn’t get his way.  He wanted to name her Paisley, and when she told me that, I knew these were people I’d like to sit with around a campfire. I could tell Aspen was in school somewhere or had just graduated and sure enough, she recently got her degree in a major that sounded to me like International Global Security. Whoa!  Impressive.

So when you happen to be in Flagstaff, whether you’re vegetarian or not, you’ll be delighted with the unique “Toasted Owl Cafe”.  The owl-theme and the vintage table and umbrellas make it fun which brings us to today’s lesson from the road:  Find the theme of your life and you might have more fun and directed purpose as well.  (I think I better follow my own advice).  Catch you on the road.  Be safe and happy.  Peace.

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