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Business on the Road in a Pop-Up

Updated: Sep 7, 2020


“Yes!,” but only under one condition – that a new Mercedes with conscientious environmental gas usage would be in our budget. (Sometimes old environmentalists just can’t do the gas-guzzling thing. “It’s a moral imperative” as the character Chris Knight says to Mitch in the old movie, “Real Genius”) 

Is it easy to conduct  your business from the road?  If you’re adventuresome, flexible, and motivated, you can do it.(I think the neighbor next to us is also doing business on the road because he was on the phone outside of his “Sea Breeze” motor home talking on his cellphone about sourcing some product. (Tip:  Just be sure you bring plenty of chargers for all of your devices.)

Right now I am blogging to you from inside “The Enterprise,” getting ready to post this blog and then on to my 2nd blog. After that, I’ll put in some hours doing my paid online job scoring student essays. 


Meanwhile my husband is out hiking the hills around Valencia, CA with his son Steve on Steve’s 30th birthday.   But tonight I swim in a beautiful pool and tomorrow we take off headed north (maybe) to San Francisco where my book “Lucky, the Left Pawed Puppy” is in Lefty’s store on Pier 39. Meanwhile, in the evenings, Mike and I will be working on our new app which will connect to our blog “In Love and War: Love Letters from Vietnam” blog and our soon-to-be-released audio book “Spoken Stories”.

So, if you see a tan Toyota pulling the pop-up in these pictures, just give us a wave!

Cheers from Billie, Mike, and Scooter – on the road with Language Rocks.

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