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Small Business Road Trip Review – Coburg, OR

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Along our way up and down the coast (we’ve abandoned the pop-up trailer: see previous posting) we decided to


So, we had sandwiches packed in the cooler on our way back to California and were getting hungry around the  exit to Coburg, OR. We started driving through a delightful little residential/antique shop area and stopped at a cool, shady park, and were surprised to see two hammocks hung between the posts of the shelter in the park.  They looked like well-made hammocks, but yet our hearts were sorrowful that perhaps this was the only way a couple who was homeless had to sleep.  Our sorrow was eased quickly as my husband looked over to the bikes that were chained next to the hammocks – expensive long trek road bikes

After we finished lunch and walked the dog, we started to drive away, but right next door to the park was a house with an open patio where the sign read Ice Cream and Photo Gallery.  We had to stop for that! It turns out that this park is a common stopover for bicycle riders to snooze at mid-day before they finish the day’s ride.  Walt who owns the quaint ice cream store was quite friendly, and the ice cream great as well.  He is a professional photographer with a little extra time to sell ice cream.  If you’re near Coburg and need a break, get off the highway and tell Walt you were sent by a blogger from 2015!

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