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Candy Blasingame – Remember that Name

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

So we’re setting up our little tent at Jellystone Campground in Missoula Montana, right?  I know, I know. We said no more tenting, but it was getting late and all the hotels were booked because of “The Biggest Bike Travel Celebration Since Bikecentenniel in ’76.” (We really should check these things out beforehand.) But $30 is a sweet price to pay on the road, plus we just invested in a brand new air mattress and pump, so the dye was cast, and we decided to give tenting a second chance. Never to be known to roll into a campsite earlier than about 8:00 pm, we were among the last to check in to the cute Yogi Bear Jellystone Lodge. We got our little tent up in the dry camping area (no water or electricity – just some nice rock-less ground), and were just about to put air in the mattress when we remembered the pump needed 4 D-cell batteries. We raced off to the store in town, but on our way out, we waved to the woman in the tent next to us. (She had gotten her tent up in about 10 min. and was now sitting in a camping chair leisurely reading a book on her tablet.) When we zoomed back from the store with our batteries and were racing against the setting sun, the woman next to us, having noticed our “BloggingOnWheels” sign on our car, had gone to our website and now asked about it. (This was the first person who had seen our sign and had actually gone to our website, so I was ecstatic!) We must have exchanged less than two sentences, when I realized that I was talking to another writer. And I was! Just like me she was taking a road trip to get inspired, get away, and to write. Mike must have heard the excitement in my voice and stopped his air-mattress inflation and came over with a nice boxed little bottle of wine for my new acquaintance and me. I felt quite humbled as we talked and Candy told me how easy it is for her to write up to 3000 words a day! I mentioned NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) that Candy hadn’t heard of. When I told her about the 55,000 word goal for the month, I could see on her face that she considered that goal not difficult at all. When Candy told me the plot of one of the stories she is writing, it was easy to predict that Candy’s novel will be a smashing success. Not only is she doing all the pre-work of back stories for her characters, but the novel she has in mind is unique, creative, and important. Besides her first and last name have the same number of syllables (5) accented in the same two places as Ernest Hemingway – Candy Blasingame. So just remember, you heard it first here on Billie’s Blog!

Happy (Writing) Trails, Candy

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