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Santa Barbara

If you've ever been to Santa Barbara you may not have known there was a pool hall in town. With the pier and the magnificent ocean to view and all the great restaurants and bars in downtown, you may never think of pool. But if you do, there is a place...

Don Q's Family Billiards

So, this is the only one that I could find that is not a 'bar' primarily, although some guys think that the bar called Break Time ( 5977 Encina Rd, Goleta, CA 93117 ) is kind of a pool hall, since they have 4 good 7 ft tables.

Anyway, you can get a cold beer and find a shooter at Don Qs. It is very affordable and it is a 'family' billiard hall, since girls were shooting with their dates and they seemed very comfortable. It was warm when I stopped in and the doors were open and fans were blowing, but it was still a little sticky. They have some cool looking chandeliers; check out the pictures.

The tables were good, 2 Valley 7ft, 1 Diamond 7ft (tight pockets) and 5 9ft Brunswick tables (one of the 9ft tables had tight pockets.) A local guy, called Ed, gave me a $10 lesson on how to race to 5 in 9-ball, which I very much appreciated. LOL. It's always good to have stiff competition!

Tournaments: Mon is an 8-Ball tournament, Tue BCA league plays on the 7ft tables.

Address: 1128 Chapala St Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (805) 845-3197

GoogleRating: 4.5 on 16

ReviewersRating: Very good

Tables: 5 x 9ft, 2 Valley 7Ft, 1 Diamond 7ft

Hours: Open 12- 2A12 to 2AM

Food: beer and snacks

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