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Monterey, California

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Monterey is probably best known for Cannery Row, where more fish were canned than anywhere in the world back in the 30s. Eventually, the fish were overfished and things slowed down, but they are still canning sardines every day. Steinbeck wrote a wonderful novel about the times where he frequently there and many of the sites he wrote about are still there for your historic enjoyment.

The Fisherman's Wharf is also quite an attraction.

Many fine restaurants there, like Bubba Gump on Cannery Row with fresh shrimp every day. We had a view of the bay during dinner.

Anyway, let's get down to business. I found a great place to shoot pool in Monterey,

Easy Street Billiards A Classic Billiards Joint

Very popular with the locals

Address: 511 Tyler St Monterey, CA (833) 333-0825

GoogleRating: 4.5 on 206 reviews

ReviewersRating: Excellent

Tables: 9 - 9ft tables, 3 - 7ft tables, 3 - dartboards, shuffleboard Cost: $14/hr for 1, $21 for 2, $25 for 3-4, $3 more after that (memberships are available, call for specifics)

Food: Beer on tap

We stopped there around 8 pm on a Saturday night.

We were lucky in finding an open table, since the place was hopping! Looked like people were having quite a time. The neighborhood was off the side of downtown.

It appears that the full-size tables were very well kept and 7-footers were in fine shape as well. The pockets were average width, not tournament size, but not wide open either.

I found a guy nearby that invited me to a series of 9-ball racks.

Jonathan is a member, so he doesn't pay for time by the hour. He said he started as a young boy and he had developed a pretty good eye for every thing. I think we tied at 5 to 5 before we had to leave.

They also have a back room with a couple of pinball machines, dart boards and a TV, couch and tables, if you have to wait for a table. Reservations for tables are encouraged. Apparently, they are pretty popular.

They have plenty of beer on tap, which must be a staple in any decent pool hall.

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