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Salem, Oregon

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

If you know your US geography, this is the capital of Oregon. It's not too far south of Portland on Interstate 5. One of the best pool halls in Oregon resides here with lots of history in store.

Cue Ball

It has the best equipment in the state with Brunswick classics. The owner, Jim, is there 7 days a week and sells tables & cues as well. He has a plaque for best salesman of Brunswick tables some time in the past. Some of the tables are over 65 years old, but are in great shape. Snooker and 3-cushion billiard shooters hang here as well as one of the best pool shooters in the state, Matt Horner (he gives lessons, too).

Charts on the wall show how to kick 3 rails on a Billiard table. Cowboy Jimmy Moore, a former pool champion from the 14-1 days, whose high run was 236, shot here years ago for an exhibition. In a 1954 tournament "Moore was losing 148 to 8 to Irving Crane. When Crane let him back to the table, Moore ran 142 balls and out." according to Wikipedia.

No alcohol, no smoking, just serious shooting. Great place for kids to go and stay out of trouble. Female friendly as well. Great owner and staff.

<-- Check out Billie's interview with Jimmy

Address: 1262 State St Salem, OR 97301

GoogleRating: 4.5 on 14

ReviewersRating: Very good

Tables: 21 x 9ft, 2 x 10ft snooker, 2 billiards

Cost: $4 / $6

Food: vending machines

Slate from a table was carved with Jim and some other shooters by an artist friend.

Shack 'N Cue

Not a real pool hall, but I had to check it out, since the only other pool hall, Deluxe Billiard Parlor, at 711 NE 3rd St in McMinnville closed down.

Looks like Shack 'N Cue used to be Rack n Cue with music, dancing and 5 tables, but that closed down. Now Shack 'N Cue is a pretty good bar with 2 very nice tables. They have APA league, tournament and 'lottery' slot machines too. Happy hour 11 - 6 every day. Nice bartender.

Address: 1970 Lancaster Dr NE Ste 125, Salem, OR 97305

GoogleRating: none

ReviewersRating: OK

Tables: 2 nice Valley 7ft

Cost: Sat - free 'til 6, Wed and Sun - free all day Food: Bar food

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