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San Francisco

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

"San Francisco was founded on June 29, 1776, when colonists from Spain established Presidio of San Francisco at the Golden Gate and Mission San Francisco de Asís a few miles away, all named for St. Francis of Assisi.[1] " according to WikiPedia. According to Frank Sinatra, he left his heart there. Well, if he has to go back, don't do it in a car. That traffic can kill you. LOL. Anyway, I did find some good pool halls in this city.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Billiard Palacade

Tables are decent, Aramis, Simonis, some tight pockets, Mexican food, but sketchy street at night.

Address: 5179 Mission St Crocker-Amazon (415) 585-2331

GoogleRating: 4 on 56

ReviewersRating: Very Good

Tables: 13 x 9, 2 x 7, 3 x billiard

Cost: 1 Player ..... $8.00 2 Players.. $16.00 3 Players...$18.50 4 Players ..$20.00 5 or more ..$22.50

Food: Mexican food, including Tamales.

California Billiards

Great pool hall. Good food, plenty of leagues, BCA, APA, 9-ball, 10-ball, 1-Pocket

Tournaments: 3rd wknd, Sat-1-pocket,Sun-9-ball, $30/noon.

Eddie Cohen and I shot a few rounds after the close of the West Coast Swing of Pool Tournaments. Eddie and Kent Davis were just packing up their cues from the Cue Maker's Showcase they were hosting during the West Coast Challenge 10-BALL tournament there on July 8th.

Billie has an interview with Kent Davis, who I talked with at Danny K's in Anaheim, July 29th after he finished shooting in the weekly Sunday 9-ball tournament. He was my first match in the tournament and showed me how you can shoot like a god and be gracious about winning. He finished second overall that day.

Address: 40510 Albrae Street Fremont, CA 510-668-1670

GoogleRating: 4.5 on 189

ReviewersRating: Excellent

Tables: 9ft, 7ft, snooker tables

Cost: $5/$8 - 1 player $8/$15 - 2 players $10/$17 - 3+ players

Food: Inhouse bar & grill

Draw Billiard Club

Full bar, Beautifully decorated, Perfect tables, APA 8-ball league,

Inhouse 14-1 league by Shelby. Gorgeous furnishings, upscale crowd. The APA players were a mixture of guys and girls. They had a serious air, but obviously having a lot of fun.

The 14-1 players were a little more serious and a friendly group of guys. I got to play a round with Shelby who squeaked past me at the end for a win.

Address: 64 Shattuck Sq Berkeley, CA (510) 647-9032

GoogleRating: 4 on 21

ReviewersRating: Excellent

Tables: 10 x 9ft, 2 x 8ft, 1 x 7ft

Cost: Summer rates $6 2pm-2am, Fri-Sat $12 7pm-2am

Food: Regular bar food

Family Billiards

Beautiful tables, tight, Simonis cloth, perfectly set up.

Tournaments: Tue 9ball, Wed 8ball, Thu BCA, Mon APA 9ball. I shot with a local guy there named Kenny Koo at It turns out he makes custom cues, too, just like Kent Davis and Eddie Cohen and is a great guy, too. Apparently all of these cue makers collaborate and turn up at tournaments showing their wares. One day, I'll get a few hundred extra dollars and get me a pretty looking, great shooting cues, like they make.

This is a safe neighborhood. Good for young couples on weekends and great for serious players anytime.

Address: 2807 Geary Blvd Laurel Heights (415) 931-1115

GoogleRating: 3.5 on 149

ReviewersRating: Excellent

Tables: 16 x 9ft, 1 x 7ft

Food: Restaurant / bar items

Filmore Billiards

Upstairs from a club in Japantown. BYOB. They sell soda mixes from a refrigerator in back.

Address: 1528 Fillmore St San Francisco, CA (415) 673-3514

GoogleRating: 3.5 on 9

ReviewersRating: OK

Tables: 4 x 9ft, 2 x billiards, 2 x ping pong

Cost: $15 or $20

Food: Soda

Legend Billiards & Snooker SF

Small house, downstairs has 2 9ft pool tables and 4 beautiful snooker tables,

upstairs 2 9ft pool tables. A quiet place, 1 couple was there on Wednesday night late.

Address: 1948 Ocean Ave San Francisco (415) 335-9228

GoogleRating: 4 on 29

ReviewersRating: Good

Tables: 4 x 9ft, 4 x snooker, 3 x billiards

Cost: $10

Food: No beer

Rack 'n Cue

On S.F. State University campus. We’ve got over 20 awesome arcade games to give you a break from your busy life or play anytime on our professional Brunswick pool tables. You can also battle it out during our bi-monthly video game tournaments or compete in our weekly individual 9-ball tournaments.

Address: Parkmerced 1650 Holloway Ave,

Cesar Chavez Student Center (415) 338-1921

GoogleRating: 4 on 64

ReviewersRating: OK

Tables: 5 x 9


Food: Chinese food

The Broken Rack

Great food, fun date place, tables are in very good shape and 2 diamonds are tournment tight, others medium size for fun with friends. Some serious shooters are there. Mon 8-ball BCA league, Thu 1-pocket league. Tue 9-ball tourny $20, special tourneys on Mem Day, Labor Day, New Years Day also.

Does comedy and pool mix? You bet! Check out this interview with Pharoah

Address: 5768 Peladeau Emeryville, CA 94608 510-652-9808

GoogleRating: 3.5 on 133

ReviewersRating: Excellent

Tables: 16 olhausen 9ft, 2 Diamond

Food: Full bar and food menu.

Town & Country Billiards

Clean, remodeled with Simonis cloth and Amarith balls, Wed league. They have ladies night on Tuesdays where ladies play free with at least one paying party.

Address: 1 San Pedro Rd Daly City, CA (650) 992-7900

GoogleRating: 3.5 on 57

ReviewersRating: VeryGood

Tables: 8 x9

Cost: 1-$6.50, 2- $12, 3-$14, 4-$16, 5+-$18

Food: Beer and bar food

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