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San Jose, California

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I found a few places in San Jose to shoot pool. When booking a hotel for San Jose, remember to add California so you don't get a great deal from Kayak and find you paid for a night in San Jose, Cost Rica, like we did!

San Jose, California


Clean and friendly with good tables and free WiFi. Check out the pictures. Open noon to 2AM. Good place to take a date.

Tournaments: Tues Open 9-Ball, Starts at 8 (7pm open free practice time), Entry $5+ (depending on level of player), Modified Double Elimination

Wed Handicapped 8-Ball, Starts at 8 (7pm open free practice time), Entry $10+

Thurs Handicapped 9-Ball, Starts at 8 (7pm open free practice time), Entry $13

Sat WorldPPA Handicapped 9-Ball, Starts at 2 (1pm open free practice time), Entry $13

Address: 4700 Almaden Expy San Jose, CA 95118 408-266-7665

GoogleRating: 4.3 on 121

ReviewersRating: Very Good

Tables: 25 x 9 ft

Cost: $7.50/hr and up Members - Day Pass - $85/month 12 - 7 Anytime Pass - $120/month

Food: Beer and signature hotdogs, Chicago style and Polish.

Edgie's Billiards

Players hall. Billiards and pool tournaments are frequent. Hrs 11-2, Fri/Sat 11-4,

Exhibition match between Reyes and Bustamante held in 2010.

Address: 235 S Milpitas Blvd,

Milpitas, CA 95035 (408) 942-9500

GoogleRating: 4.3 on 187

ReviewersRating: Excellent

Tables: 12 x 9ft, 5 billiards

Cost: Hours 1 p. 2 p. Each Addl Player

11am – 6pm $7.00 $14.00 $2.00

6pm – Close $8.00 $16.00 $2.00

Food: Beer and bar food

Nguyen Trai Billiards

If you're into billiards, you might want to go here. It's a little smokey, though. Guys smoking and gambling in the corner. Everyone usually minds their own business. Great Vietnamese Banh Mi food. Billiard tables are in excellent shape and blue felt. Hours 10:30 - 12

Address: 2638 Alum Rock Ave San Jose, CA 95116

GoogleRating: 4 on 34

ReviewersRating: Very Good

Tables: 9 x Billiard, 5 x 9 ft

Cost: $8

Food: The best Vietnamese sandwiches in the area.

West Side Billiards

This is not for serious shooters. Great burgers, but the carpet and felt on the tables is pretty worn out. Young couples hang here on dates.

Address: 1050 W San Carlos St San Jose, CA 95126

GoogleRating: 4 on 3

ReviewersRating: Eh...

Tables: 10 9ft


Food: Bar food; great hamburgers.

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