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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, on the coast, was on our way toward the San Francisco area. Not quite there yet, but a cool coastal town. If you're planning on camping in this area, you might check out California's Camping on the Coast that shows campsites from Big Sur to Santa Cruz.

Fast Eddy's Billiards

I kinda like this place. A main-stay player named Locker was really in charge of making new people feel right at home. Although, when we played 1-pocket, there was no letting up on making me look like a beginner. He had some good shots, especially those 2 railers from the corners. Randy, behind the counter, was a contender in the day. He showed me a $2,200 check he got for 1st place in a tournament at a Casino in 1997. They have some old custom tables on the second floor. They take good care of the tables and the ones on the upper deck in the main room are as tight as Hard-Times. Careful trying to cheat those pockets....

This place is safe for girls and good for date nights.

Address: 4300 Capitola Rd Capitola, CA 95010 (831) 462-1882

Yelp: 3.5 on 34

ReviewRating: VeryGood

Tables: 15 x 9ft Brunswick, 1 7-ft

Cost: 1 player $6, 2 players $12

Food: Bar food, good french fries

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